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–Wanxiang America Corp. Donates PPE to South Shore Hospital


  面对COVID-19在全美的流行,美国中国总商会芝加哥分会会长单位万向美国公司筹备了110万只口罩支援美国。5月21日,芝加哥分会代表万向美国公司向位于芝加哥西南地区的South Shore Hospital捐赠了4000只口罩和1200个面罩,这是芝加哥分会本月第四次代表万向美国公司向美国医院捐赠抗疫物资。

As COVID-19 has spread throughout the whole of the United States, the Chair Enterprise of the China General Chamber of Commerce Chicago (CGCC Chicago), Wanxiang America Corporation has prepared 1.1 million masks to provide epidemic relief in the United States. On May 21st, on the behalf of Wanxiang America, CGCC Chicago donated 4,000 masks and 1,200 face shields to South Shore Hospital in the city of Chicago. This is the fourth batch of donations that the CGCC Chicago, on behalf of Wanxiang America, has provided to local health organizations.

South Shore医院的物资负责人Alfred Bolden带领医院工作人员欢迎我们的到来,对芝加哥分会和万向美国公司的捐赠给予了高度评价,自疫情爆发以来物资短缺问题一直困扰着他们,他们十分感激爱心企业和组织能够在他们最需要的时候伸出援助之手。

Alfred Bolden, the head of logistics at South Shore Hospital, and other hospital staff welcomed our arrival and spoke highly of the donation from CGCC Chicago and Wanxiang America. They have been plagued by shortages since the outbreak, and they are grateful that caring companies and organizations can help them when they are in need.

CGCC Chicago会继续努力募集更多物资向更多的中美两国医院提供援助,疫情面前每个人都有可能是受益者和受害者,只要我们团结一致,一定可以克服苦难。

CGCC Chicago will continue our efforts to raise more donations to hospitals in the United States. Everyone can be a beneficiary and a victim because of the pandemic. We are all in this together, we work together, and we will overcome these difficult times.

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