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“Business Recovery From the Covid-19”

Webinar Press Release


The establishment of a new Sino-US economic relationship during the epidemic and the economic recovery after the epidemic are issues of great concern to all sectors of society in China and the United States. In order to help members recover from the economic difficulties as soon as possible, CGCC Chicago invited Yingzhi Hu, Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago, Pin Ni, President of CGCC Chicago and President of Wanxiang American Corporation, Ms. Dorinda Elliott, Project Director and Senior Vice President of the China Institute, William Clark Reavis the Senior Advisor for International Affairs at the University of Chicago, Dr.Dali Yang the chair professor of the Department of Political Science, Department at Princeton University, Warren Clark, Partner of Grant Thornton LLP, and others to a webinar. The webinar was held on June 11, 2020, U.S. time on “Business Recovery During COVID-19” to jointly explore in depth the opportunities and challenges of enterprises during the epidemic, make practical suggestions for the future development of enterprises and other related topics. At the meeting, what did the guests like about China’s economic recovery? How will the increased tension between the United States and China affect corporate recovery? How can companies avoid difficulties? What measures has the government taken to encourage businesses and help them overcome their issues? Is it a good opportunity for US companies to invest in China? Discussions on the topics such as whether China’s investment opportunities are worth the risks were highly appreciated by the participants, and caused a heated discussion among the audience.

Behind the complicated relationship between China and the United States is also a critical period for the integration and optimization of industry. Although the difficulties faced by multinational businesses continue to intensify, the long-term prospects of the business between China and the US is still very high. As the two superpowers in the world, China and the United States should “cooperate for mutual benefits, while avoiding conflicts”. Win-win cooperation is an urgent requirement of the peoples of the two countries.We would like to look forward to it together, and we especially look forward to seeing how the Sino-US relations after the changes due to the current situation have passed and how the rebirth will usher in the glory after suffering.

The seminar received great attention from people from all walks of life in China and the United States. A total of 138 people registered and 97 attended, from Chicago, New York, Alabama, Philadelphia, and even some participants from Singapore. CGCC Chicago thanked the participants for their enthusiastic support and positive responses. After the meeting, an American company who participated in the meeting reported that the event was “a wonderful forum, and I got very useful information.”

CGCC Chicago will, as always, devote itself to the cause of promoting the development of Sino-US economic and trade relations, maximize the role of ties, and contribute to the mutually beneficial development of enterprises of the two countries. We will continue to launch seminars, symposiums, project displays and informational lectures to provide a professional platform for exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and American companies, helping companies analyze market prospects, lay out future businesses, and achieve new development.

疫情之下新的中美经济新秩序的建立和疫情之后的经济复苏是中美两国社会各界高度关注的问题。中国美国总商会芝加哥为助力会员尽快摆脱经济困境,特邀中国驻芝加哥总领馆商务参赞胡盈之,美国中国总商会芝加哥会长、万向美国公司总裁倪频,美国华美协进社高级副总裁、项目总监Dorinda Elliott女士、芝加哥大学国际事务高级顾问、政治科学系William C Reavis讲席教授、美国普林斯顿大学政治学系博士杨大利教授,致同会计师事务所合伙人Warren Clark等嘉宾,围绕相关话题展开了深入的分析与讨论,于美国时间2020年6月11日成功举办了“疫情下的商业复苏”线上研讨会,共同探索疫情下企业的机遇和挑战,切实为企业未来发展建言献策。会上,与会嘉宾分别对中国的经济复苏是什么样的?美中紧张关系加剧对企业复苏有何影响?摆脱困境的方法是什么?政府采取了哪些措施鼓励企业并帮助他们度过难关?目前是否是美国企业投资中国的良好契机?风险之中的中国投资机遇是否值的等议题讨论受到了参会人员的高度评价,引发了观众热烈地讨论。




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