Michigan China Week 密西根中国周峰会

A total of 29 CGCC members from all over the states joined Michigan China Week in the Roundtable meeting with Governor Snyder. Pubin Liang, Chairman of CGCC and Kerry Hammer, CEO of Paslin as keynote speaker kicked off Business Summit. In CGCC breakdown session, we promoted our services and CIIE – China International Import Expo to companies and China delegation groups. As precious guests, we had the chance to meet over 200 government officers and corporate representatives from China, and over 100 government officers and local business leaders from Michigan side.  During the one and half day event, we’ve learned more about the investment environment in Michigan and exchanged business opportunity among above attendees. 2 public media came along with us to record this event. 

CGCC Annual Gala is scheduled in the middle of August. We would like to see all of you again and see more your colleagues and business partners. This year, CGCC Annual Gala will be based in Chicago same as the previous year, but we plan to provide a broader perspective of operating your business/operation successfully between US and China. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. More detailed information will come shortly, please contact wenyue.zhang@cgccchicago.org if you have any interest.

总共有29位商会企业代表出席了此次密西根中国周峰会,其中7人参加了圆桌会议,与密西根州长西奈德先生亲切会谈,共议中美友好经贸关系。商会会长梁璞玢先生和万丰Paslin CEO Kerry Hammer 在峰会上致开幕辞。在峰会期间,我商会设专门分会场向中企、美企及中国各省代表团介绍了商会服务和中国进口博览会。借此峰会,与会来宾不仅对密西根投资环境有了进一步了解。还有机会与超过300位美中两地的政府官员和企业代表交换了商业及合作机会。峰会全程由新华社和美国中国电话跟踪采访,已经公布的新闻:


美国中国电视:密歇根举办首届”中国周”活动 美企:贸易战无好处 损害公司利益

商会年会将于今年八月中旬隆重推出,介时我们期望见到老朋友和更多新朋友。今年的年会和往年一样,仍在芝加哥举行,但我们将提供一个更广阔的视野为您的业务助力。更多说明即将推出。如您有合作意向请联系: 张文玥 wenyue.zhang@cgccchicago.org

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