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Upcoming Events

Perspectives on the US-China Bilateral Dynamic and Its Impact on Business, Trade, and Investment

bilateral dynamic

Dear CGCC Members and Friends,
CGCC and CGCC Foundation cordially invite you to attend our 2020 Annual Business Survey Report Launch webinar, “Perspectives on the U.S.-China Bilateral Dynamic and Its Impact on Business, Trade & Investment,” taking place on Wednesday, August 12th.
It’s the seventh consecutive year that CGCC and CGCC Foundation conducts the Annual Business Survey on Chinese Enterprises in the United States. This year, the survey report focuses on the overview of current business and market environment in the U.S., Chinese localized business management, and how Chinese companies responded strategically to the ongoing uncertainties. The survey also underscores the necessity for maintaining a robust bilateral relationship between the U.S. and China for global economic stability.
Date/Time: Wednesday, August 12th, 2:00pm – 3:15pm EST
Location: Online
Please save the confirmation email with your unique zoom link for future participation.
What motivates Chinese companies to invest in the United States? Are supply chains and technology the main drivers for investing? Further, how are Chinese companies navigating the U.S.-China relationship in the middle of historic diplomatic and trade rows? The report sheds light on these issues, among others. Please join us for an insightful conversation with prominent members of the U.S.-China business community who will speak to the findings of the survey as well as share their perspectives on current U.S.-China relations and the impact on commercial investment, business retention and expansion, and international trade.
We look forward to your participation!




  • 倪频会长—开幕词
  • 倪频会长/或副会长TBD– 芝加哥商会2019.9-2020.6工作报告及 2020- 2021 年工作计划
  • 贺鑫财务长–芝加哥商会2019.9-2020.6财务报告及 2020- 2021 年预算报告
  • 李洁执行总监—2020芝加哥商会会员调查问卷报告
  • 欢迎新会员及讨论其他会员提案
  • 参会人员合影留念

CGCC Chicago 2020 Membership Meeting Questionnaire

CGCC Chicago诚邀会员参加美国中国总商会芝加哥2020年会员大会问卷调查。所有数据将收集将编入《美国中国总商会2020年度会员大会调查报告》且仅作为内部资料不对外公开。请各会员拨冗填表,以兹帮助CGCC Chicago了解会员需求,进一步提高会员服务质量。感谢您的参与于支持!
CGCC Chicago invites you for your input in CGCC Chicago 2020 Membership Meeting Questionnaire. All entries will be compiled within the China General Chamber of Commerce U.S.A.-Chicago 2020 Membership Meeting Questionnaire Report, and this survey is for CGCC Chicago internal use only. We hope you take the time to fill out this questionnaire to help CGCC Chicago better understand the needs of chamber members and in turn and improve our quality of service. Thank you for your participation and support!
Click here to complete the China General Chamber of Commerce U.S.A.- Chicago 2020 Questionnaire online.

Engage with Consumers Through E-Commerce

CGCC Chicago and TMall to cohost
an E-commerce webinar on August 27th
More details to follow

CGCC Chicago US-China 2020 – Collection of Artistic Works in Recognition of the Fight against the Pandemic

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On July 17th, 2020, CGCC Chicago launched the “CGCC Chicago US-China 2020 Commonwealth Activities for the Collection of Artistic Works in Commemoration of the Fight against the Pandemic in China and the U.S.” to highlight the friendly mutual assistance between US – China business circles and society in the fight against COVID-19. Both chamber and non-chamber members are invited to participate and submit their works.
Throughout the past couple of months, we have witnessed the noble dedication of Chinese and American companies in their support to local communities in both China and the U.S. through their active participation in various charitable and public welfare activities. We hope to use this collection of artistic works as a medium to showcase the touching moments of Chinese and American companies in the fight against the pandemic, convey the positive energy behind these deeds, and remember the stories of bravery and love.
1.         Subject and Requirements
The theme of this activity is “Guidance and Mutual Effort,” which commemorates the deeds between Chinese and American companies and individuals supporting each other and fighting the pandemic together. The submission period is from July 17th, 2020, to August 30th, 2020. We accept submissions from all individuals and/or companies. Please indicate the author’s name and pen name (if any), company, contact number, and email.
1. Literary works – Poetry, prose and creative writing of all styles, Chinese or English, under 2000 words.
2. Photography — JPEG files within 5M in size. Title and 30 word description required.
3. Video works — MP4, M4V, WMV, AVI, etc., file types are allowed for any media. The size should not exceed 20M, and a title and a description is recommended.
4. Audio works – i.e. self-composed songs, recitation of poems, etc., The file types allowed are MP3, WMA, WAV, AMR, etc., and the size shoud not exceed 20M.
*** Important note: All the above must be original work with professional content. Entries with inappropriate and/or offensive themes will not be accepted.
2.         Awards
    Prizes for participating companies: Exclusive sponsorship rights for the CGCC Chicago headlines in both English and Chinese
Individual prizes: Gift cardsAr
Telephone: 773-782-6289

Past Events

CGCC successfully hosted, “Leadership Story Time: Business Continuity and CSR Best Practices during COVID-19,” Webinar

7.31 newsletter webinar image

On July 27th, 2020, nearly 100 community and business leaders across the United States joined the latest installment of the CGCC E-Connects Series – a webinar titled, “Leadership Story Time: Business Continuity and CSR Best Practices during COVID-19.”
The webinar convened a panel of distinguished business executives from leading Chinese companies from the Life Sciences, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Finance and Construction sectors, operating in the United States, to share best practices on how to be a responsible corporate citizen during COVID-19.
Panelists discussed how their companies responded to the virus during the early months of 2020, and what measures are now being taken to keep business operational, employees safe, and communities supported. Panelists answered questions about their long-term plans for business continuity and CSR to which all agreed CSR has taken a priority in their business objectives moving forward. Working together with U.S. stakeholders in the fight against COVID-19 was the prevailing consensus.
Since March 12th, CGCC and CGCC Foundation, together with its regional chapters and member companies, including those companies represented in the July 27th webinar, have donated more than 3.8 million pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) to more than 50 U.S. hospitals and clinics and 20 government agencies in 20 states across America.
The panel discussion was moderated by Ernst & Young Partner Shau Zhang, and included International Vitamin Corporation (IVC) Senior Vice President Veena Chillar, China Telecom (Americas) Vice President Luis Fiallo, CRRC Sifang America Vice President Haitao Qu, Bank of China U.S.A. Chief Communications Officer Peter Reisman and Sany America General Manager Mengtao Xie.
CGCC extends great appreciation to all the panelists and participants. We also extend special thanks to the CGCC-D.C. team for successfully leading this webinar.
View the webinar recording here:

欢迎新会员:Welcome New Members

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招聘信息:Employment Opportunities

we hiring

Intern Technical Support and Website Developer
China General Chamber of Commerce – U.S.A Chicago (CGCC-Chicago) is a non-profit member-based organization in the U.S. representing Chinese companies in the nine Midwest states including Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin. By 2016, there are about 260 Chinese companies which have invested $20.3 billion in the nine states, creating at least 45,000 local jobs.
Location: Chicago, IL or remote
The Website Developer and Technical Support intern’s primary function is to develop and optimize websites to reach each clients’ goals: building brand awareness, driving credibility and/or generating leads and provide support and solutions to technical issues and management.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Meet with Graph Designer, Executive Director and other team members to determine the scope of the project
  • Responsible for development, implementation and maintenance of the themes, plugins and data utilized for all client websites
  • Monitor performance and capacity to identify, prevent and resolve website issues
  • Maintain appropriate security protocols and best practices of efficient coding
  • Stay current on web and content marketing best practices, emerging technologies and key social media platforms
  • Knowledge in web design, development and management, utilizing WordPress CMS is a must
  • Strong knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Understanding of digital marketing best practices related to website optimization, SEO, content management
  • Strong decision-making, problem-solving and organizational skills
  • Passion for website development, web design, and other media such as video, graphic design, and photography
  • Understanding all forms of both traditional and digital marketing, including but not limited to, web strategies, social media, new media, guerilla and “word of mouth” marketing and public relations
  • Professional proficiency in both Chinese mandarin and English
  • Proficiency in the features of Zoom meetings, troubleshooting the application
  • Current undergraduate students or bachelor’s degree in Web Development, Web Design, Computer Science, IT, or similar field
  • 20 hours of work weekly
Job Type: Internship (OPT)
  • WordPress: 1-2 years (Required)
  • Adobe Creative Suite: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Bachelor’s (Preferred)
  • Mandarin (Required)
Work authorization:
  • United States (Preferred)
CGCC Chicago – Content Volunteer
Role purpose:
The keys to this role are excellent interpersonal skills in both English and Chinese, the ability to turn ideas into outcomes and an aptitude for being both focused and flexible in an ever-evolving environment.
The Role will be responsible for:
• Content Ideation: contributes to the ideation process with fresh ideas from experiences
• Helping with speaker management, content editing/strategy/execution and coordinating event team operations with other teams within the organization
• Researching content (both in terms of potential speakers and topics)
•Coordinating with graph design team to create compelling marketing materials agendas/brochures/posters and more
• Assisting with special events planning, development, coordination and delivery as requested.
• Assisting the events team in creating unique on-site experiences
Required Technical and Professional Expertise:
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and Chinese Mandarin
• Proficiency in MS Office Suite especially Word/PPT
• Must have excellent interpersonal and organizational skills and be able to balance multiple projects
• Has an understanding of the tools used in day-to-day business interactions: Mac, PC, Adobe Creative Suite, etc.
• Be Passionate and willing to learn about using data, platforms and tools to create content
• Committed to being nimble, learning and executing with excellence
Preferred Tech and Prof Experience:
• A degree or pursing a degree in the (Digital) Arts, Media, (Visual) Communications, Journalism or other similar creative writing and/or design field is strongly preferred.
This position is located at our office in downtown Chicago. Your schedule will be approximately 10-15 hours per week including one team onsite meeting per week. This position is non-paid. However, CGCC-Chicago provides standard reimbursement to cover your commute, extra travel, cellphone and meal expenses.
To Apply:
Please send your resume to with the subject “Content Volunteer Internship Application” or “Intern Technical Support and Website Developer”

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