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CGCC Mid-Autumn Festival Event 中秋联谊


2021年9月17日下午美国中国总商会芝加哥(简称商会)举行了会员中秋联谊活动,中国南方航空公司芝加哥办事处,中远芝加哥,潍柴美国公司,中国货运航空,中国检验认证集团芝加哥公司,金风科技美国公司,汉得信息美国子公司,盛瑞北美,Locke Lord LLP,Traffic Tech Intrenational等多家跨国公司会员企业的高层管理人员出席了本次活动。



On the afternoon of September 17, 2021, China General Chamber of Commerce Chicago

(Hereinafter referred to as CGCC Chicago) held a Mid-Autumn Festival event for members, China Southern Airlines, COSCO Chicago, Weichai America, China Cargo Airlines, CCIC Chicago Inc., Goldwind America, HAND Enterprise Solutions USA, Inc, Amos Industries Inc., Locke Lord LLP, Traffic Tech International and other multinational member companies attended the event.

The occasion of the friendship was also an opportunity for communication and cooperation between member companies. After learning about the resources and needs of each other, many guests started cooperation and exchanges on the spot. This event allowed members to truly feel the value and effectiveness of the resource docking of CGCC Chicago. The Chamber of Commerce serves each member company by linking companies to gather water drops into a sea of ​​resources, to achieve resource co-construction, co-creation, win-win and sharing. The Chamber of Commerce serves as a platform for Sino-US business resource cooperation and docking. Every member company can promote companies and projects, and CGCC Chicago will also assist from it to promote cooperation as soon as possible.

Thanks to all the guests who came to the event during their busy schedule, and thank Weichai America, CICC Chicago Inc. and Amos Industries Inc. for the refreshments and Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes carefully prepared for the guests. We would like to extend my sincere holiday greetings and blessings to all friends from all walks of life who care about and support the CGCC Chicago. The 2021 Annual Gala and Manufacturing Summit will be held soon. This summit will provide member companies with various value-enabling services, so stay tuned!