2021年8月19日,由芝加哥市招商局,中国商务部投资促进局和美国中国总商会芝加哥(简称 “商会” )共同主办的中国城市-美国芝加哥市制造业线上交流会以中美两国多地连线的方式成功举行。


On August 19, 2021, World Business Chicago (WBC), China Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA), and China General Chamber of Commerce -U.S.A. Chicago (CGCC Chicago) successfully co-organized the Gateways Cities Online Summit Manufacturing in multiple cities within China and the U.S.



During the meeting, Mr. Yong Li, Deputy General Director of CIPA, Mr. Michael Fassnacht, C.M.O. for the City of Chicago and President & C.E.O. of WBC, and Mr. Pin Ni, President of Wanxiang America and Chairman of CGCC Chicago, expressed their insights on industry trends and potential opportunities for shared economic prosperity.


倪会长在峰会上回顾了中美关系40年的发展历程,就当前中美关系形势下,商会为两国商务关系进一步发展提供更广阔平台的可能性发表了看法,并进一步展望了中美国关系的未来。中美关系在过去几十年中发展基础不断夯实,商会将再接再厉,为打造出更加坦诚,深入,互利的中美关系而努力。商会将继续加大中美商业发展的资源投入,逐步引入创新机制,进一步优化会员服务体系,推进商会在美国本土区域化、专业化的服务能力,力争为中美两国的会员企业谋求更多利益。倪会长特别介绍了商会在10月份即将举办的CGCC Chicago 2021年会暨制造业峰会。此次盛会将邀请全球运营、工程,供应链相关领域的领导者共同讨论当今制造业的发展趋势和战略布局。

At the summit, President Ni reviewed the history of Sino-US relations within the past 40 years. Under the current situation, CGCC Chicago provides an all-inclusive platform for further business cooperation between the two countries, slowly consolidating the foundation for Sino-US relations in the past few decades. CGCC Chicago will pay close attention and commit to building an open, in-depth, and mutually beneficial Sino-US relationship. Additionally, we will continue to increase resource investment for Sino-US business, introduce innovative solutions, optimize our membership service system, promote more specialized services, and strive to seek interests for Chinese enterprises localized the U.S. Towards the end, President Ni introduced the upcoming CGCC Chicago 2021 Annual Gala and Manufacturing Summit held in early October. We will invite leaders across the global operation, engineering, and supply chain fields to discuss the trends and strategic layout of the modern manufacturing industry.



During the subsequent breakout room meeting, Ms. Jie Li, Executive Director of CGCC Chicago, presented CGCC Chicago’s development milestones and introduced several service projects while inviting the attending guests to contribute to Sino-U.S. business partnerships. We will continue to deliver formal business presentations in other professional fields in the future, so stay tuned!