CGCC Chicago held Expanded Board Meeting ​

On Thursday, January 16, 2018, CGCC Chicago held the 1st Expanded Boarding Meeting of 2018 at 150 N. Riverside Plaza. Mr. ZOU Xiaoming, the Commercial Attache of Chinese Consulate General in Chicago , Mr. Pubin Liang (Hainan Airlines), the Chairman of CGCC Chicago Mr. Xin He (Wanda America Investment Holding), the CFO of CGCC Chicago, board members including Mr. Gang Li from Wanxiang AmericaMr. Jianning Li form Tianjin TEDA Chicago OfficeMr. Shang Lu from Hepalink USA, Ms. Jing Zhang from Bank of China Chicago Branch, Mr. Chengyong Liu from CRRC Chicago, Mr. Feng Li from CCIC Chicago, Mr. Aijun Su from COSCO Shipping North America, Mr. Liangzuo Li from Fuyao Group, Ms. Qiang Zhang from CJS Trading, Mr. Xiangli Zhang from Wanfeng Paslin, Mr. Zhijun Shi from COFCO International, Ms. Yaxin Huang from Goldwind Americas and Ms. Wei Zhou from China Eastern Airlines attended the meeting. In addition, Mr. Baocheng Zhao from CAIGA US, Mr. Jian Huang from China Telecom, Mr. Jiong Jiang from SAIC Motor, Mr. Huanjian Zhao from Nanshan Group, Mr. Zhiqiang Hao from JIER North America, Mr. Yuefei Chen from ZTE, Mr. Jiahui Li from China Southern Airlines and Mr. Yihu Liu from YAPP American Holding all attended the conference call. The meeting was moderated by Chairman Liang. Chairman Liang summarized the work of CGCC Chicago in 2017 and set a course for the year 2018. Members expressed their views on how CGCC Chicago can carry out its work in 2018 and how to make more efficient adjustments in the managing structure. The meeting voted through the establishment of the Executive Committee, expecting that the new Committee can lead CGCC Chicago to a higher level.

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