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Time: November 24th – 28th, 2019


2019 Solar Star Foundation Charity Auction is divided into two parts: “Silent Auction” and “Live Auction”.

“Silent Auction” begins on 11.24 Sunday and ends on 11.28 Thanksgiving (Thursday). We thank you for your participation!

According to Silent Auction, and considering the auction time limit of Live Auction on Friday night, the Solar Star Foundation may remove some of the auction items (taken by Silent Auction), and the final auction list enters Live Auction on 11.29. If you have already bid on Silent Auction and the auction has not been removed and entered Live Auction on Friday, your bid record at Silent Auction will be the reserve price for the Friday auction, which will be shot in the final price. 

本次太阳之星慈善拍卖分“Silent Auction”和“Live Auction”两部分。

“Silent Auction”从本周日开始,到感恩节(周四)截止。欢迎并感谢大家踊跃参加,特别是不能在周五亲自到场参加Live Auction的各位朋友。

根据Silent Auction情况,并考虑到周五晚上Live Auction的竞拍时间限制,太阳之星基金会可能将部分拍卖品移除(由Silent Auction中拍者取得),最后的拍卖名单进入周五晚上Live Auction。如果您在Silent Auction已出价,并此拍卖品没有被移除并进入周五Live Auction,您在Silent Auction的出价记录将成为 周五拍卖的底价,以最终价高者中拍。

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