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The CGCC Chicago held a members' luncheon on June 23, 2022, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. During this luncheon, the CGCC Chicago invited its new members from 2021 to introduce the company's products and services and arranged for law firms to address different concerns raised by member companies. Xin He - Vice President of the CGCC Chicago and CFO of Wanda America and more than 30 Corporate representatives attended the luncheon and spoke directly to the public via live broadcast.

In the fiercely competitive Sino-U.S. business environment, exceptional companies and entrepreneurs constantly emerged within China and the United States. The unique Confucian entrepreneurial spirit of Chinese entrepreneurs and the innovative, transformative spirit of American entrepreneurs complement each other through mutual learning and integration. The prosperity of the regional economies and Sino-U.S. trade have continued to contribute. CGCC Chicago has also introduced extraordinary member companies yearly and appoints presidents, vice presidents, and governing units through open nomination, review, and other ways to better serve its members.

        2022年,我们非常荣幸地又引入了五家优秀的企业入驻商会,他们是摩根大通集团(JP Morgan)、中国货运航空(ChinaCargo Airlines North America)、济南邦德激光(Bodor Laser Inc. )、盖勒格保险经纪风险顾问公司(Gallagher Global Brokerage)、德勤(Deloitte) 。我们向新会员致以热烈的欢迎,并诚挚地邀请新老会员与商会一道,积极发挥优秀企业引领与推动作用,进一步促进中美商业的振兴,共同见证历史,见证辉煌。
In 2022, we are immensely honored to introduce five outstanding companies to CGCC Chicago, J.P. Morgan, China Cargo Airlines, Jinan Bodor CNC Machine Co., Ltd., Gallagher Global Brokerage, and Deloitte. We extend a warm welcome to new members and sincerely invite them, along with old members, to join and actively lead outstanding enterprises, further promote the revitalization of Sino-US business, and witness the history and glory together.

CGCC Chicago is a membership-based non-profit organization. We aim to facilitate investment, trade, and localization within nine Midwestern states (Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin)

        作为美中贸易最具影响力组织,商会的 200 多家企业成员均来自主要行业,共雇用超过 10,000 名当地员工,在当地投资超过40 亿美元。凭借其区域和全球影响力,超过 90%的美中总商会芝加哥会员同时在国际上开展业务。从初创企业到跨国巨头,非营利组织,小型企业到中型市场企业,我们的会员涵盖中西部整个商业区域。
As the most influential organization in Sino-U.S. trade, CGCC Chicago has more than 200 corporate members from major industries, employs more than 10,000 local employees, and invests more than $4 billion locally. Our membership spans the entire Midwest business region, from start-ups to multinational giants, non-profits, and small-to-mid market businesses. With its regional and global reach, more than 90% of CGCC Chicago members conduct business internationally.

For the future development of CGCC Chicago, we will continue to provide various high-quality services to member companies. As a commercial bridge between China and the United States, CGCC Chicago has always played an important role in communicating between enterprises and political and business circles. The development of CGCC Chicago, its expanding social influence, and the efficient international business environment that CGCC Chicago strives to maintain will deliver ongoing assistance for enterprises’ development and bring significant economic benefits to the Chinese and American societies.

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