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Business and Social Events

Attending  CGCC business, social and cultural events throughout the year. Attending CGCC-Midwest Business Forum. State level investment summits. Monthly CGCC business insight/management workshop.

Promotion and Customer Referral   

With a CGCC-Chicago membership, you can reach potential clients through member exclusive advertising and opportunities for business-to-business publicity. CGCC-Chicago receives calls from individuals and businesses looking for potential vendors, and chamber members typically recommend chamber members. 

Corporate and Service Marketing

Signature sponsorship opportunities to CGCC events. Co-hosting CGCC business workshop as keynote speaker or panel. Media coverage – connect members with US/China media outlets. CGCC-Chicago Annual Gala  – Business Showcase and B2B matchmaking sessions. FAM Trips to China – leading US based companies and individuals for business exposure trip.


Business Information

Receiving CGCC USA/Chicago news and business updates from websites, WeChat and email subscription. Annual Business Survey Report on Chinese enterprises in the U.S. CGCC China-US Investment and Cooperation Database. Information Hub for Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S. CGCC-Chicago Annual Gala – Governor and CEOs roundtable meeting (invite-only).


Strategic Talent Program

Participating in International Talent Program, co-operated with Purdue, MSU, UIC, IIT, IU etc. Midwest Strategic Internship Program. Executive Search, annual job fair, co-operated with Linkedin, Indeed,  China Quanzhi and China Collars. Coaching, cross culture management with US local consultants.


Social Commitment

Attending at national/local fundraiser for charity of community. Partnership with local communities and associations that promote US/China culture exchange. Employee engagement.