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Walter Payton Prep Green Initiative at Goldwind Technology

On March 4, 2019, Goldwind Technology Chicago, a member enterprise at the China General Chamber of Commerce – U.S.A Chicago (CGCC-Chicago) shared important insights on renewable energy and environmental protection to 24 high school students from Walter Payton College Preparatory High School. This was another important activity under the overarching theme of CGCC-Chicago, 2019: Year of Corporate Social Responsibility. Mr Sean Chen, an engineer at Goldwind Technology first introduced the students to different types of renewable energy. Ms Iris Wang, Manager of Investment, further explained how wind energy could benefit the environment and support the economy as a clean energy source. The students visited the mechanical structure of the wind turbine and raised a lot of meaningful questions about the use, and maintenance of the turbine and the preservation of energy in general at the spot. They then broken into four small groups and used the knowledge they just learnt to brainstorm and discuss practical ways to preserve energy and protect the environment. Mr Chen went into the small groups and provided the students with professional feedback and concrete suggestions. 

Indeed, corporate social responsibility campaigns do not only need to be in the form of simple monetary donations or voluntary activities, but can also be carried out by providing education opportunities to the local communities, leveraging the companies’ resources of and advantages in their products, services or technology.  

Goldwind Technology Chicago served as a perfect example to accomplish corporate social responsibility in novel waysFounded in 1998, Goldwind is a global leader in conserving energyproviding clean energy, and preserving the environment. Goldwind operates in 20 countries on six continents and currently has more than 28,500 wind turbines worldwide. The company focuses on three main business areas: wind power solutions, energy internet and strategies on environmental protection. Goldwind is committed to developing affordable, reliable and sustainable energy worldwide. Goldwind has helped save 27.26 million tons of coal, reduce 90.4 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and achieve 49.4 million cubic meters of reforestation. In the past 20 years, Goldwind has always adhered to its missionto create a better tomorrow. 

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