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Volunteer experience by Xiaohui Huang from Wanxiang America  


Sometimes an untended willow grows. Participating in the voluntary work of CGCC Chicago 2022 Annual Gala is something that brings me an unexpected harvest. From the working assignment and training of volunteers, seating arrangement in the early stage, to onsite set-up and management, as well as the subsequent work summary, not only have I further honed my skills in implementing event plans and solving various onsite problems through these works, but also I’ve got the chance to meet with employers from diverse industries and fully demonstrated my ability in communication and multitasking. It was through this stage that I was able to showcase my abilities to the member companies of CGCC Chicago and was fortunate enough to be recognized by the chair company Wanxiang America Corporation, where I eventually joined and became part of the team. I hereby would like to invite all of you to participate in the following events held by CGCC Chicago and contribute to enhancing Sino-US communication and cooperation.

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