Walter Payton College Prep Learning “How company commits to green economy” at CGCC-Chicago

On March 4th, we will hold a social event in term of environmental protection. 24 students from Walter Payton College Prep will come to CGCC-Chicago to learn “how Chinese company commits to green economy”. CGCC-Chicago Chinese member company Goldwind Americas will host this event at their office and present the renewable energy industry and its products. They will also lead students to participate in hands-on project, such as learning their product mechanic, walking on the Chicago Riverwalk to audit potential environmental issues, picking up trash at the Riverwalk, etc. This will be the first time in the history of CGCC-Chicago to work with local schools and youth to focus on the community environment. While further responding to CGCC-Chicago’s theme “Corporate Social Responsibility” of year 2019, it will also become a meaningful attempt in environmental education for students.