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Volunteer to Hire - Chris Huang's Career Starts From Volunteering for CGCC-Chicago

Chris Huang, Wanxiang America

Sometimes an untended willow grows. Participating in the voluntary work of CGCC Chicago 2022 Annual Gala is something that brings me an unexpected harvest. From the working assignment and training of volunteers, seating arrangement in the early stage, to onsite set-up and management, as well as the subsequent work summary, not only have I further honed my skills in implementing event plans and solving various onsite problems through these works, but also I’ve got the chance to meet with employers from diverse industries and fully demonstrated my ability in communication and multitasking. It was through this stage that I was able to showcase my abilities to the member companies of CGCC Chicago and was fortunate enough to be recognized by the chair company Wanxiang America Corporation, where I eventually joined and became part of the team. I hereby would like to invite all of you to participate in the following events held by CGCC Chicago and contribute to enhancing Sino-US communication and cooperation.


We Got Winners!
CGCC Chicago's Very Own Ping-Pong Diplomacy Jubilee Tournament Concluded

Nov 17, 2022

纪念中美乒乓外交 50 周年友谊大赛圆满落幕

Winners of the open championship

By Iris Yingjie Liu & Junwei Jiang

CGCC Chicago – China General Chamber of Commerce Chicago, together with USA Table Tennis, held US-China Table Tennis Friendlies in remembrance of the 50th anniversary of Ping-pong Diplomacy last weekend.

总商会芝加哥上周末,美国中国总商会芝加哥(简称芝加哥商会 CGCC Chicago)USA Table Tennis 协作,联合主办纪念中美乒乓外交 50 周年友谊大赛。

Held at Experior Table Tennis Club, the tournament attracted local junior and adult players, delegates from the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Chicago, Chinese international students, and overseas Chinese representatives to participate.

大赛于Experior Table Tennis Club 举行,参加者包括美国乒乓球运动员、青少年乒乓球爱好者、中国驻美国芝加哥总领事馆和中国留学生以及华侨华人代表。

It included a 6-round multi-level match and an open championship. After fierce competition, 3 top Illinois-ranked players reached the finals with Michael Wolski defeating Janusz Franeczek to claim the title of the open competition, and Spenser Lam coming third.

大赛进行 6 场分梯队竞赛与公开赛。经过激烈角逐,Michael Wolski拔得头筹,Janusz Franeczek位居第二,Spenser Lam名列第三。据悉,三位都是伊利诺伊州顶尖乒乓球业余爱好者。

Around half century ago, the U.S. national table tennis team visited Beijing and played the famous “Friendship Match”. It marked the beginning of US-China diplomacy.

半世纪前,中美两国乒乓球运动员以诚挚的竞技精神,突破隔阂,为中美外交创造了“小 球推动大球”的奇迹。

The weekend-long tournament created a friendly platform for Chinese and American ping-pong players to compete with and learn from each other. Young players also learned about the history of ‘ping-pong diplomacy’ and helped carry along the friendship and sportsmanship.


CGCC Chicago will invite the final three winners of the open competition to an award ceremony at annual gala on Dec. 8. Please check CGCC Chicago website for registration information.

12 8 日,芝加哥商会将于年会晚宴向获奖选手颁奖。报名详情登陆商会网站。

About CGCC Chicago:

The China General Chamber of Commerce- USA Chicago (CGCC-Chicago) is an independent, non-partisan, non-governmental non-profit member-based organization aiming to promote investment, trade, and localization in-between China and nine Midwestern states, including Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin. Till March 2022, CGCC’s Chinese member companies have invested over $135 billion, created more than 220,000 employment opportunities, and indirectly support over one million jobs throughout the United States. CGCC-Chicago will be devoted to empowering member enterprises and carrying on corporate social responsibility.

关于美国中国总商会芝加哥(CGCC Chicago

成立于2015年,CGCC Chicago是一个会员制的非营利组织,代表中国在美国的投资企业。芝加哥商会致力于帮助中美企业创造价值,推动经济发展,促进美中商业交流与合作。商会服务范围覆盖美国中西部九个州,科罗拉多州、伊利诺伊州、印第安纳州、爱荷华州、堪萨斯州、密歇根州、明尼苏达州、密苏里州和威斯康星州的跨国会员企业,为其提供优质的服务与丰富的资源。 根据美国中国总商会《2021年在美中资企业年度商业调查报告》,其中 49 家公司名列 2020 年财富世界 500 强。截至20223月,美国中国总商会中资会员企业对美投资额累计超过1350亿美元,在美直接雇佣员工超过22万人,间接支持超过100万个就业岗位。


CGCC Chicago Successfully Host Jubilee Ping Pong Tournament on 11/12/2022

On Saturday, November 12th, the China General Chamber of Commerce Chicago successfully held a friendship competition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of China-US “Ping Pong diplomacy”. Consul General Mr. Jian Zhao, Vice President Mr. Zhidan Liu of the Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Hao Wu, President of the China Friendship Association gave opening remarks. Players of all ages and levels joined the first day tournament in with tremendous enthusiasm. The tournament will continue on Sunday with high level regional players participating in all day event. Each level will award top three players. The final three winners of the Sunday afternoon matches will have a chance to attend the award ceremony on December 8th at CGCC Chicago Annual Gala in Chicago.

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