What is CSR?
building a socially responsible business

“Corporate responsibility is simply a way for companies to take responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of their business operations,” said Jen Boynton, vice president of member engagement at 3BL Media. “A robust CSR program is an opportunity for companies to demonstrate their good corporate citizenship … and protect the company from outsized risk by looking at the whole social and environmental sphere that surrounds the company.”


Environment efforts

Ethical labor practices


CGCC-Chicago Corporate Social Responsibility

CGCC-Chicago believes that undertaking socially responsible initiatives is a win-win situation. Not only companies will appeal to socially conscious consumers and employees, but also make a real difference in the world.

Take An Action

Partnered with its members and charities and local community organizations, CGCC-Chicago provides outreach and a broad range of programs and resources to promote corporate social responsibility, including monthly CSR workshop, local students environment protection initiatives, charity donation, employees and family volunteer involvement, etc.

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