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CGCC-Chicago Logistics Supply Chain Lecture: Common Issues and Cost Control of Commodity Inspection Customs in the Process of Import and Export

On May 2nd, the Chicago Chamber of Commerce Logistics Supply Chain Lecture was held at the Detroit Office of SAIC. The special guest speaker was Mr. Liu Bin, Manager of the Electrical and Mechanical Department of China Quality Inspection and Certification Group North America, and Mr. Chen Wei, General Manager of Chicago, the international logistics company in the US. A total of 16 representatives of Chinese enterprises attended the event. The lecture revolves around the theme of risk and cost. Combining the frequent customs cases of commodity inspection in recent years, it shares with the on-site guests the import tariffs of the United States, several important concepts of US imports, the detention of imported goods by US Customs, and the power of automobiles and machinery.

Imports of products, import and export products that require certification, instructions for exporting old mechanical and electrical equipment to China, knowledge of China’s ban on imports and restrictions on imports in the past two years, and interactive activities on the spot, especially for the export and customs declaration of metal parts and parallel imported cars Aroused technical exchanges and experience sharing.

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