CGCC-Chicago Logistics Supply Chain Lecture: Common Issues and Cost Control of Commodity Inspection Customs in the Process of Import and Export

On May 10th, the logistics supply chain lecture was held in the Chicago office of the Chamber of Commerce. The special guest speaker was Mr. Liu Bin, Manager of the Inspection Department of the Electrical and Mechanical Department of the Chicago Corporation of China Inspection Group, and Mr. Chen Wei, General Manager of the Chicago International Logistics Company. More than 20 representatives of Chinese enterprises attended the meeting, and representatives of foreign companies in China were asked online. This lecture is based on the Detroit lectures last week and is more targeted in light of the industry characteristics of the Greater Chicago area.

The topic of the lecture begins with the theme of risk and cost. Combining the frequent customs cases of commodity inspection in recent years, it shares with the on-site guests the import tariffs of the United States, the US import cargo code and inquiry website, how to actively file complaints, and import goods by the United States. Customs detention, import of automobile and mechanical power products, import and export products requiring certification, instructions for exporting old mechanical and electrical equipment to China, information on China’s ban on importation and restrictions on imports in the past two years, and on-site discussions on US companies China certification for exporting Chinese goods, inquiring about the impact of tariffs on the goods of various enterprises.

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