Chicago Seminar "U.S. Site - Selection Best Practices"

For Chinese companies operating in North America, location decision making is one of the most important decisions made by the company from labor to logistics, from vertical to horizontal synergies. On August 2, 2017, CGCC Chicago and its member – Mandarin Communications Group and Central South Carolina Market Development Department jointly organized the “U.S. Site – Selection Best Practices”. The conference invited senior professionals from Ernst & Young, Wells Fargo and Grant Thornton to introduce the investment characteristics of North America, and to answer the legal, tax, investment and other business issues of Chinese companies investing in the U.S. Mr. ZOU Xiaoming, the Commercial Consular of the Chinese Consulate  General in Chicago, the South Carolina Department of Commerce and CGCC Chicago representatives attended the meeting. South Carolina Department of Commerce and CGCC Chicago are looking forward to having more exchanges and lasting cooperation.

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