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CGCC-Chicago social responsibility breaks through Chicago's ice,to promote outdoor volunteer activities of "food is medicine"

On Wednesday, February 13, 2019, Chicago Chamber of Commerce member corporate volunteers went to the Greater Chicago Food Depository “Fresh Trucks” mobile service site under harsh weather of 18 degrees. 200 people donated 5,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables. All food for this “fresh truck” was bought with the charity funds established by the China Chamber of Commerce USA.

The program “Fresh Truck” is guided by the “Food as a Medicine” concept at the Greater Chicago Food Storage Center. The Cook County Health Promotion Program works with 18 local community healthcare organizations to diagnose, advise and provide fresh, healthy vegetables to low-income people. Of nearly 70 million pounds of food distributed at the Chicago Food Storage Center last year, 38% of which were distributed through “fresh trucks”.

The voluntary activities of the Chamber of Commerce currently cooperating with the Greater Chicago Food Storage Center are separated into three forms:
• Fresh trucks: Dispensing, delivering fresh fruits and vegetables, and working places for designated community health facilities in downtown Chicago and suburbs
• Food Dispensing: Food sorting, weighing and packaging in designated areas of the Greater Chicago Food Storage Center Food Dispensing Center
• Food Recycling at the Exhibition: After the completion of various business activities, the Grand Chicago Food Storage Center is scheduled to recycle unopened, fresh food and re-enter the food storage and distribution process.

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