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The US-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Chicago promoted the “Localization” of Chinese member companies in 2019: global compliance, cross-cultural communication and corporate social responsibility


Compliance is the focus of “localization”. It is the equivalent of seeking the long-term development rights and obligations of the Chinese capital in the United States. It is also the basic guarantee to avoid unnecessary losses for investors. The Chicago Chamber of Commerce has held three professional lectures in November last year and March this year, with the theme of legal compliance and practical operation of Chinese companies in the US investment and trade, and the Pilot Program of the US Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS). ), 301 tariffs, economic sanctions, export controls, intellectual property rights, long-arm enforcement and other hot topics are the entry points, and in-depth discussions and experience are introduced from legal risks and coping strategies. The most common question asked by the representatives of Chinese enterprises is: “How to achieve compliance and risk avoidance on a global scale by the Chinese subsidiary in the US. Legal counsel of the Chamber of Commerce, partner of the Chicago office of Locke Lord, Mr. WU Qiong (Charles Wu), has repeatedly shared valuable experience for Chinese companies in the Midwest. At the University of Chicago China Forum on May 18, Mr. Wu will discuss topics related to Sino-US startups in the new Sino-US relationship.

Cross-Culture Communication

Organizational management and effective communication in a cross-cultural context are also important factors in “localization”. On April 23, the Chamber of Commerce invited Phil Blue, a professor of applied neurology at Wright Graduate School, to share the expression and communication methods based on personality differences. Use in cross-cultural organization management. Ms. Zhang Wenzhao, Executive Director of the Chicago Chamber of Commerce, shared the risks and prevention mechanisms of labor disputes caused by cultural differences. Special thanks to members of the Bank of China, Jiu San Group, CIMC Leasing, China Telecom, China Railways, China Unicom, China Southern Airlines, Goldwind Technology, Wanfeng Paslin, Thyssen Transp and other members of the company.

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