CGCC Chicago’s Chinese Enterprise Member Supports American Students Solar Education

“Together We Commit” Social Responsibility Activities Report

By Jie Li, CGCC Chicago


On October 24, 2019, Oswego High School in Illinois celebrated its installation of solar panels, which was funded by the Solar Star Foundation. Solar Star club, CGCC Chicago, China Southern Airlines (Chicago Office), Yifeng HongKong Group, and Xinhua News attended the event.

Zachary Horn, a science teacher at Oswego High School, introduced their installation of five solar panels to his students and the guests. The energy generated by the system would be a power source for the school’s greenhouse. He explained to the students how the solar panels work and discussed the benefits of this sustainable, clean energy technology.

Since 2018, CGCC Chicago has launched the campaign, “Together We Commit”. This campaign recognizes social responsibility by hosting a series of events, hoping to help members serve local communities. Longer-term the goal of these events is to achieve corporate social responsibility so that Chinese companies in the United States are “rooted in the United States.” This event is one of them.

The Solar Star Foundation was established in July 2010 as an independent not-for-profit organization initiated by members of the Solar Star Club. This club is organized by a group of students to promote solar education. The foundation invests in clean energy development and solar education, working with youth to improve environmental quality nationwide.

The Solar Star Foundation launched its Small-Scale Solar PV Program for K-12 Schools in 2010, to introduce the future of the direction of energy technology to today’s students. The program provides grants up to $1,000 towards the cost of installing a new (1) kW photovoltaic (PV) system to convert sunlight into electric power. They have sponsored more than 30 schools throughout Illinois through 2019.

“Our descendants, our planet, our future.” CGCC Chicago invites its members and people from all walks of life to participate in our “Together We Commit” Social Responsibility Event, Serve the Community, and Responsible for the Society.


Mr. Hu Yingang demonstrates the solar energy system to the students


The solar panels outside the green house of Oswego High School


Zachary Horn, a science teacher at Oswego High School (7th on the left) and his students with the members of Solar Star Club and CGCC Chicago