Warehouse Worker (Entry Level – Tire 3)

Warehouse Worker (Entry Level – Tire 3)



Full Time

CRRC SIFANG AMERICA INCORPORATED (“CRRC”) is a passenger railcar manufacturer in Chicago, Illinois. The passenger railcar manufacturing process includes 2 bargained-for work
disciplines: assembly and electrical. The Procurement & Logistics Department employs
different classifications of bargained-for Warehouse personnel who provide direct support to
railcar production.
More particularly, the Warehouse staff receives, stores, and distributes materials, tools,
equipment, and products to Production employees and others, as requested.

Warehouse Workers are separated into 4 classifications/categories, namely Entry Level, Tier 1,
Tier 2, and Tier 3. As specified below, said classifications are separated by, among other
considerations, skill sets and experience.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
• Receiving multiple shipments of materials per day;
• Conducting visual inspections of materials;
• Counting or weighing materials;
• Coordinating and collaborating with the Quality Assurance or Quality Control staff, other
CRRC departments, and external parties, as appropriate;
• Utilizing material handling tools and equipment to unpack and pack materials, as
• Utilizing material handling equipment to move material into inventory storage locations;
• Preparing rejected goods for return shipment to suppliers;
• Packaging replacement parts, materials, and finished products for outbound shipment to
sub-contractors and customers;
• Reviewing product requisitions and fulfilling material requirements to meet production
schedules, delivery dates, and milestones;
• Pulling or picking material by hand, using a hydraulic crane (i.e. a cherry-picker), or
using a forklift, as appropriate;
• Putting together kits of material for delivery to and use by the Production Department;
• Moving material or kits of material from inventory to staging area(s);
• Moving material or kits of material from a staging area to other areas within CRRC’s
• Recording Warehouse activity and entering data into CRRC’s Enterprise Resource
Planning system;
• Preparing inventory-related reports;
• Conducting material cycle counts and audits, as requested;
• Relocating materials throughout warehouse stock locations to meet FIFO requirements;
• Relocating materials, as directed;
• Performing warehouse duties off site, if required;
• Discarding waste;
• Participating in all company training programs as directed – for example, Safety, Hazmat,
Lean Six Sigma; and
• Performing other duties as assigned.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the
essential functions of the job.

Competencies and Characteristics
To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies
and have the following characteristics:
• Have the ability to work in a safe fashion
• Have great hand-eye coordination
• Have a work-related aptitude (of varying degrees, depending on classification)
• Have the ability to bring value to the assigned project and to CRRC, as a whole
• Have the ability to troubleshoot, as necessary
• Have the ability to collaborate and coordinate with co-workers, supervisors, managers,
and executive personnel in the Logistics Department and in other CRRC Departments
• Have the ability to communicate well with others
• Have the ability to draft documents of varying types
• Have the ability to meet work, task, and project deadlines
• Have the ability to multitask
• Have the ability to follow instructions properly and accurately
• Have flexibility with respect to the work schedule as warranted by operational/production
needs and as permitted by the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement
• Have excellent time management skills
• Have credibility and be trustworthy

Language Skills
• Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance
instructions, and procedure manuals;
• Ability to read, write, understand, and communicate effectively in English;
• Ability to write routine reports and correspondence; and
• Ability to speak effectively before and with groups of customers and other CRRC

Work Environment
Passenger railcar production facility with mobile equipment, heavy machinery, and high

Physical Demands

Ability to regularly lift and move 25 lbs.
Ability to frequently lift and move 50 lbs.
Ability to walk, sit, stoop, kneel, crouch, and crawl
Ability to see as follow
  • Far;
    • In color; and
Ability to adjust visual focus
Having visual depth perception




Required Education and Experience
♦Required of all candidates:

High School Diploma or GED highly recommended, and
  • Relevant work experience and/or training; or
    • An equivalent combination of education and experience, as described further, below.
    ♦Depending on job classification, varying levels of warehouse/supply chain/inventory work
    experience, preferably in a fast-paced manufacturing setting

Entry Level classification: entry level with no prior relevant work experience

For Entry Level candidates: basic knowledge and hands-on skills with willingness and
ability to be trained to do warehouse/supply chain/inventory work with regular supervision

Tier 1 classification: some relevant prior work experience and skills required

For Tier 1 candidates: working knowledge and hands-on skills with some relevant job
experience in order to be able to complete basic tasks and undertake intermediate tasks with
supervision and additional training OR having the foregoing knowledge and skills with work
experience as a Warehouse Worker (Entry Level) during Phase I and/or Phase II production at

Tier 2 classification: more advanced relevant prior work experience and skills required

For Tier 2 candidates: intermediate level knowledge, hands-on skills, and experience to
start and complete tasks without supervision, to coordinate and help direct less skilled workers,
and to assist Tier 3 workers, Foremen and Team Leads; demonstrated ability to do the foregoing
with the potential to step into a leadership or supervisory role OR having the foregoing
knowledge and skills with work experience as a Warehouse Worker (either Entry Level and/or
Tier 1) during Phase I and/or Phase II production at CRRC

Tier 3 classification: very advanced skills, experience, and some supervisory

For Tier 3 candidates: high level knowledge, hands-on skills, and experience to start
and complete tasks, to direct and guide less skilled and experienced workers with relevant tasks,
and to provide significant assistance to Foremen and Team Leads including oversight of others’
work; demonstrated ability to consistently do the foregoing; actual experience with or
demonstrated capability to supervise less senior Warehouse employees OR having the foregoing
knowledge and skills with work experience as a Warehouse Worker (either Entry Level and/or
Tier 1 and/or Tier 2) during Phase I and/or Phase II production at CRRC
We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for
employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status,
protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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