CGCC Chicago Asian Pacific Women in Leadership Online Webinar – “Beauty and Power”


Author and translator: Alex Wu, Di Zhang

2021年7月27日下午15:00-16:00,美国中国总商会芝加哥举办了一场以商界女性为主要话题的网络研讨会。本次研讨会我们邀请到了两名蜚声商界的女性领导人:谢洁Hylant Group副总裁)、 赵丽娟(China Iowa Group 董事长)分享了自己成长和成功的故事。本次会议围绕女性成长、公司经营策略、疫情时代的挑战与应对建议等话题展开了精彩的讨论。演讲嘉宾对在场的年轻女性同胞分享了宝贵的职场建议。

On July 27th, 2021, from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., the Chicago Chapter of China General Chamber of Commerce – U.S.A held an online webinar themed on Asian Pacific Women in Leadership. We invited two well-known female leaders in the business world – Jessica Xie, Vice President of Hylant Group, and Lijuan Zhao, Chairman of China Iowa Group, to share their growth and success stories. This conference held excellent discussions on women’s growth, company business strategies, challenges in the pandemic era, and suggestions for coping with stress. In the end, the speakers also shared valuable career advice with the young female attendees.


Throughout their stories, we recognized the little-known efforts behind their accomplishments and understood where the radiance of their elite labels stemmed from. Serving as mothers, daughters, and wives simultaneously, they are also the most earnest women simply living their lives. They deal with these identity tags exceptionally well while achieving a healthy work-life balance. “Despite ultimately returning to ordinary life, we still embrace those capable of perceiving the light of dawn in the years of adversity.” These are the people who we genuinely adore.


会后一位在中国生活了40多年的参会嘉宾与我们联系,她曾参与了中国顶级女性企业家和女性亿万富翁的胡润报告发布,一直关注成功女性话题的她对商会本次活动给予了高度评价并感谢CGCC Chicago通过此类访谈节目树立更多的女性领导模范。

After the meeting, a female attendee who had lived in China for over 40 years reached us immediately. She once participated in releasing the Hurun Report of China’s top female entrepreneurs and billionaires and focused on topics involving successful women. She spoke highly of our event and expressed her sincere appreciation to CGCC Chicago for establishing female leadership role models through our discussion.



May the women who strive to excel like their male peers pass on their fighting spirit from generation to generation. The Chicago Chapter of China General Chamber of Commerce – U.S.A will continue its efforts to speak out for women and advocate a fair and righteous workplace environment for them. We will unite more industry leaders to discover the “beauty and power” within female leadership and help them shine.



We salute all the women who have found success in their endeavors while living their best lives. You have helped us find the silver lining in the midst of the struggle.



Below is the link to our webinar recording:

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