Stop Asian Hate Crimes Statement

Dear members of CGCC Chicago:


For the longest time in history, harassment and hatred have been on the rise against minority groups. Recently, we have seen a disconcerting surge of hateful incidents and a sense of scapegoating directed towards Asian Americans, magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic.


We have long felt invisible and remained silent since the attacks on Asian Americans have begun. Nevertheless, we observe more racism and intolerance being directed their way, forcing us to believe that simple discrimination can turn into violence over time.


Seeing such a disproportionate impact on Asian Americans who reside in the U.S., CGCC Chicago would like to stand alongside Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community and advocate for their civil rights using our platform. In doing so, we take an essential step as an influencer and work towards building a society where diversity, equity, and inclusion are valued.


We deeply mourn the loss of eight people in Atlanta, six of whom are Asian descendants. Meanwhile, we urge Asian American communities to share any xenophobic stories they experienced, even those that do not meet the bar of prosecution. In recognizing the racialized histories of oppression and the current injustices, may we not forget the imperative role each of us plays in promoting an equitable community.

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