Electrical Worker (Entry Level – Tier 3)





Electrical Worker (Entry Level – Tier 3)


Location                                                 Type


Chicago – Production                               Full Time


CRRC SIFANG AMERICA INCORPORATED (“CRRC”) is a passenger railcar manufacturer in Chicago, Illinois. The passenger railcar manufacturing process includes 2 bargained-for work disciplines: assembly and electrical.


The instant job description relates specifically to electrical work during the production of passenger railcars.




Electrical Workers are separated into 4 classifications/categories, namely Entry Level, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. As specified below, said classifications are separated by, among other considerations, skill sets, experience, and proficiency.


In general, Electrical Workers are responsible for wiring, assembling, connecting, and testing (specifically not including testing required during the commissioning process) electrical components on railcars under varying levels of supervision (depending on classification) while following drawings, schematics, procedures, and other written documentation, instructions, directives, and protocols. Electrical Workers will also participate in the testing/commissioning portion of the production process by providing support to Commissioning and Functional Engineers, and other high-level engineering and/or technical personnel, as directed, by specifically assisting with wiring for the continuity test, insulation test, and high voltage/potential (hipot) test.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities


Interpreting and using electrical schematics, drawings, process procedures, and other written documentation to prepare materials and tools, and to complete assembly of components; Sorting, routing, crimping, and terminating wires to electrical components;

Using basic diagnostics tools such as multimeters to test, and trouble-shoot wire connections (not related to commissioning work), as required;

Disassembling and recovering components for testing and commissioning, during the continuity, insulation, and high voltage/potential tests, as directed by Commissioning Engineers and other such specially-skilled personnel;






Trimming and insulating stripped wiring utilizing heat shrink tubing; Disconnecting and restoring cable shunts and relevant tooling;

Completing paperwork, such as quality confirmation forms, as required in the process; Following all safety protocols, and company policies and procedures;

Maintaining a neat, clean, and organized work area; and Performing other tasks, as assigned.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job.


Competencies and Characteristics


To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies and have the following characteristics:


Have the ability to work in a safe fashion Have the ability to produce a quality product Have great hand-eye coordination

Have a technical aptitude (of varying degrees, depending on classification) Have the ability to bring value to the assigned project and to CRRC, as a whole Have the ability to troubleshoot, as necessary

Have the ability to collaborate and coordinate with co-workers, supervisors, managers, and executive personnel in the Production Department and in other CRRC Departments

Have the ability to communicate well with others Have the ability to draft documents of varying types

Have the ability to meet work, task, and project deadlines Have the ability to multitask

Have the ability to follow instructions properly and accurately

Have flexibility with respect to the work schedule as warranted by operational/production needs and as permitted by the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement

Have excellent time management skills Have credibility and be trustworthy Work Environment


Passenger railcar production facility with mobile equipment, heavy machinery, and high voltages


Physical Demands


Ability to climb, bend, stoop, kneel






Ability to stand for an 8-hour shift

Ability to step up and bend down inside or under a railcar Ability to remain in one position for a long period of time Ability to perform work in tight spaces with difficult access Required Education and Experience


♦Required of all candidates:


Ability to read and interpret blueprints or ability to efficiently and effectively learn this part of the job if applying for an Entry Level Electrical Worker position

Ability to use basic electrical work-related hand tools, such as screwdrivers, wrench and socket sets, wire strippers, cutters, and crimpers

Ability to use basic pneumatic and power tools Ability to follow oral and written instructions Ability to read, write, and communicate in English High School Diploma or GED highly recommended

♦Depending on job classification, varying levels of electrical work experience, preferably in a fast-paced manufacturing setting:


► Entry Level classification:

entry level with no prior relevant work experience required


  • For Entry Level candidates: basic knowledge and hands-on skills with willingness and ability to be trained to do electrical work on and related to passenger railcars with regular supervision


►    Tier 1 classification:

some relevant prior work experience and proficiency required


  • For Tier 1 candidates: working knowledge and hands-on skills with some relevant job experience in order to be able to complete basic tasks and undertake intermediate tasks with supervision and additional training OR having the foregoing knowledge and skills with work experience as an Electrical Worker (Entry Level) during Phase I and/or Phase II production at CRRC


►    Tier 2 classification:

more advanced relevant prior work experience and proficiency required






  • For Tier 2 candidates: intermediate level knowledge, hands-on skills, proficiency, and experience to start and complete tasks without supervision, to coordinate and help direct less skilled workers, and to assist Tier 3 workers, Foremen and Team Leads; demonstrated ability to produce a quality product with the potential to step into a leadership or supervisory

role OR having the foregoing knowledge and skills with work experience as an Electrical Worker (either Entry Level and/or Tier 1) during Phase I and/or Phase II production at CRRC


► Tier 3 classification:

very advanced technical skills, proficiency, and some supervisory experience/skills/capabilities


  • For Tier 3 candidates: high level knowledge, hands-on skills, proficiency, and experience to start and complete tasks, to direct and guide less skilled and experienced workers with relevant tasks, and to provide significant assistance to Foremen and Team Leads including oversight of others’ work; demonstrated ability to consistently produce a high-quality product; actual experience with or demonstrated capability to supervise less senior electricians OR having the foregoing knowledge and skills with work experience as an Electrical Worker (either Entry Level and/or Tier 1 and/or Tier 2) during Phase I and/or Phase II production at CRRC


We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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